2013 Annual Report

Our association is an expertise and research association in field of traffic and road safety. Towards the targets in our legislation, the activities below were occurred in 2013.

  1. More 63 delegates, having undergraduate, graduate and PhD degrees, sensitive to traffic and road safety and using e-mails, have registered in our association and now our number of member is 261. We have members in 40 provinces, %80 of whom is in Ankara.
  2. We have agencies, sensitive to traffic and road safety and having traffic education, in 14 provinces of Turkey. Our agencies comprise 3 persons one of whom is a woman. They carry out tasks in many provinces and support social consciousness through TV and radio talks.
  3. Our members and their families were given applied first aid training in coordination with TÜRK-KIZILAY (The Red Crescent) for two days (16 hours); all of them succeeded in the exam and received certificates in EU standards.
  4. It was attended in the road safety and urban traffic commissions participating the Five Years Development Plan Specialised Commission by the Ministry of Development, and then was attended in the Council of Transportation.
  5. Our association was elected to the Ankara Provincial Traffic Coordination Council as well as TOBB Transportation Sector Councillorship. A report titled Safety in Passenger Transportation was submitted to the meetings in İstanbul and Ankara.
  6. One of our academician member from Rotterdam University, Netherland, and other from Ankara agency presented two disclosures in Traffic Symposium in May.
  7. Our association founded the Traffic and Road Safety Library, collecting all the native and foreign sources in field of traffic and road safety. Number of books we have now is 500, which has been increasing.
  8. In order to create awareness for children in traffic and road safety; films, slights, posters, painting banners were prepared for the 3rd and 4th levels of primary school by the experts within the knowledge of District Directorate of Education, Çankaya, and have been shared with the children periodically. Pastel colours were used and children applied traffic lights on balloons in order to get the attention. We would like to share these activities with schools in other districts as we have financial possibilities.
  9. It has been given support and participated for 4 years in scope of RS-10 Project that WHO leads under UN Turkish Representation. All of our members and representatives have become conscious about speed and seat belt. Furthermore, the subject has been specially emphasised in television and radio talks.
  10. It has been given effort to put a standard application, Regulation of Exam dated 29.05.2013, into the system for the whole country in order to do more efficient MTSK exams by Ministry of Education and to raise more competent drivers.
  11. We have been providing consultancy service for Turkey through the web site www.trafik.org.tr which has 400-500 visitors daily. Our number of news in GOOGLE search engine is exceeding 400.000. All of our works and news reach 850 radio.tv and newspapers in 81 provinces to 261 members through e-mails.


  1. Our association, taking on important tasks in field of traffic and road safety as an NGO with its insufficient facilities, has not been invited to Road Traffic Safety Council. Registering a name into the law is also illegal. We are waiting a reply to our written request for correcting this error.
  2. Under our association, although there are 10 lawyers (traffic expertise), 4 lecturers in branch of automotive, 2 traffic engineer and 45 teachers in branch of traffic and environment, we are not consulted about the amendments regarding the law. We also wish that this error would be corrected.
  3. Our association do all these efforts through our own means. In EU, it is always mentioned the importance of NGO’s, which are widely used in our country. However, some of the state institutions responsible with traffic do not interested in this matter and do not reply our request of negotiation. These institutions will be notified to the relevant authorities and announced to the press, if required.
  4. Turkey is not fast-moving in decision making mechanism as it is multi-headed; so the solutions are delayed. Therefore, it should be put much effort for the cooperation of state institutions + NGO’s, and for the raising of awareness. That is why we would like to be supported and encouraged as the association.

                                                 İhsan Memiş                                                                            Abidin Memeli
                                              KTYG, President                                                                  KTYG, Vice President
                              Member of Ankara Provincial Traffic
                                          Coordination Council


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Polis: 155, Jandarma: 156, İlk ve Acil yardım: 112, Karayolları: 159
Sigorta Fonu (İstanbul: 0212 324 1950, Ankara: 0312 204 6414)
Güvence Hesabı: 0212 324 4500


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